Civil Engineering Consultants

You’ll need a civil engineering design consultant if you are doing any earthworks or subdividing land.

We can take care of the design, calculations and Council approvals process for you, whether you’re moving earth to create a building platform, or need a driveway, roads, water, stormwater and foul sewer systems.

Our intimate knowledge of Council standards and requirements, together with expert use of 3D modelling software, means we can produce all of the plans and documents necessary to get the outcomes you need approved. We can advise on the most suitable systems and designs for your project.

We can handle the construction process for you too, from preparing contract documents and specifications through managing a tender process and awarding the contract, to on-site set-out, project management and monitoring to ensure what was designed gets built.

Our surveying expertise means we can carry out a survey after construction is completed and provide detailed as-built plans to Council in accordance with their requirements, ensuring all work is accepted and approved.

Why hire civil engineering consultants for your subdivision project?

If you are looking for a successful development project, hiring a civil engineering consultant when subdividing land is a crucial step.

Engaging a civil engineering consultant ensures that your land subdivision is executed with precision, cost-effectiveness, and adherence to regulatory standards.


Understand the requirements

Our consultants possess specialized expertise in navigating complex zoning regulations, ensuring compliance with local ordinances, and obtaining necessary consents and permits; streamlining the often convoluted administrative processes


Efficient Land Use

Our technical proficiency enables efficient land use planning to maximize space utility and infrastructure placement, which can significantly enhance the project's overall efficiency and profitability.


Seamless coordination

Our consultants will facilitate seamless coordination between various stakeholders, including government agencies, utility providers, and developers - fostering collaboration and mitigating potential conflicts.