Planning and Resource Management

Planning and resource management south island

We can help you get involved in local planning matters.

When District Plans are reviewed, we can advise you on what the proposed plan changes mean and prepare and lodge submissions on your behalf. We can also help if you want to have your say, and make submissions on a resource consent application that has been notified.

If the plans for your Wanaka, Queenstown, Cromwell or Alexandra land require a change to the District Plan, we can lead the private plan change process on your behalf, from application through submissions and hearings. 

Resource consents & land use consents

We can apply our knowledge to advise you whether your plans require a resource consent in the form of a subdivision consent or land use consent. If so, we will obtain the relevant consent on your behalf.

You might need a resource consent if...
  • you are doing something as simple as erecting a sign through to carrying out earthworks
  • clearing vegetation on your property
  • creating a building platform in a rural zone
  • commencing a commercial use of your land or buildings.
You will need a resource consent if...
  • you wish to alter a boundary
  • are subdividing land, whether that’s just cutting off the back of your section or carrying out a large-scale land development.
We can navigate the planning process for you.

This will include preparing the resource consent application; assessing environmental effects; identifying and liaising with affected parties; managing the input from relevant consultants (i.e. geotechnical specialists or landscape architects); lodging the application and liaising with Council. If your application requires a hearing, we’ll support you all the way – including attending the hearing itself and preparing evidence as required. We are here to represent our clients’ interests and secure the best possible outcome.