Thinking of subdividing land? Talk to us first. The range of services we offer means you will receive a seamless solution.

Step one: Scoping and feasibility

We can undertake a feasibility study and provide you with succinct advice on the subdivision rules applicable to your land and your corresponding subdivision options. We will also outline the entire subdivision process – including relevant input needed from other consultants. Importantly for most clients, we will provide you with an indication of subdivision costs, so you don’t get any nasty surprises!

Step two: Planning and resource consent

A subdivision consent from your local Council will be required and we can obtain this for you.

Step three: Civil engineering design and construction

Your consent may come with conditions, such as the provision of services like water, foul sewer, stormwater, an upgraded driveway or vehicle crossing, or even a building platform. Our civil engineering design expertise means we can take care of these requirements, having designs approved by Council and overseeing their construction.

Step four: Other services

Your consent is likely to require power and telecommunications to be provided to the new lots. We can help you liaise with energy and telecommunications providers to ensure their requirements are met to service your property. 

Step five: Cadastral survey

When works are complete, our surveyors will step in and carry out the cadastral survey to establish the boundaries for your subdivision.

Step six: Council approvals

We’ll liaise with your local Council to obtain their approvals, enabling the development to be completed. Under sections 223 and 224c of the Resource Management Act 1991, two Council approvals are required to confirm that your subdivision complies with the conditions of the resource consent granted.

Step seven: Issue of new titles

We’ll liaise with your solicitor who will lodge the necessary legal documentation to have titles issued.